Monday, January 3, 2011

Shirts Everywhere and me with nothing to wear!

So I've spent my morning meticulously attacking my closet and dresser, and I'm proud to say they are both almost empty. Honestly, I never wore anything that was contained in either. Mostly because none of it fit anymore. Somehow I managed to hold onto things that were three sizes too big or three sizes too small for years. Why don't I just keep clothes that fit? Maybe because I've fluctuated size so much in the last couple of years. Either way, I'm prepared for a shopping trip soon. I have the minimum amount of stuff I need to get by (because it all fits) and will no longer be harboring clothes big enough for Jabba. I guess this may explain why I've been quasi-clothes shopping online for the last 18 hours. Notice my previous post about awesome shoes...see I'm down with spending some $$ right about now. I'm going to add to the previous and share some of my newest finds that will soon be in my closet.
Uncouth but Hilarious!
Another favorite that I can't wait for...

Yes, I get that it's derogatory, but you still laughed, didn't you?? And I rather enjoy cooking so it works for me.

Ok, now think back everyone. Back to mid-90s and you were coming home from school...what did you watch on television?

Everyone Loves some Doug!
If you don't love suck!
Now I know I've blown your minds with the greatness above, but it all pales to me for this one. I remember when I got my first game system. I remember what the controller felt like in my hand, how my heart sped up when I pressed the power button for the first time and how in awe I felt when I owned everyone around me...those of you that can remember that far back and haven't stopped grabbing a controller since, this one's for you!
I guess I'll stop for now, This may or may not become a regular on my blog, there are too many to show in just one post. If you know any sites that sell great fucking tees let me know. My empty closet thanks you!


Max Evel said...

Nothing better than classic T's .

Drake Sigar said...

Thankfully consoles like the Wii have returned to the traditional phallic control scheme.

Castor Troy said...

nice nes shirt brah, i might have to steal it.