Friday, February 25, 2011

Shocking Stripper stuff

Now that I have your attention...this post really is about strippers. I will admit that I rolled my eyes the first time someone suggested I watch this video; however, after the first few minutes I was in awe! These women train their bodies to do things that are astounding. So before you judge based on an exotic dancer in platform high heels, think of the athleticism that's required to pull off these moves. It's pretty badass! So this was my reasoning for wanting a pole about six months ago. I still don't have one and my body is no where close to what it's going to take for me to hold my own body weight...but a girl can dream.

I don't want anyone to ever see me try any of this, but I think it would be an amazing way to get into shape. There are even some tutorial videos online about different technical moves that are extremely far too advanced for anyone like me, but one day, I hope to at least try!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Piranha (2010)

Loved this movie! I keep watching it over and over again. One of my top five favorite movies in the horror genre for 2010!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Gaming through the years...

While updating my Facebook page (yes I still have one), I started contemplating my favorite things. I've mentioned my favorite books here, my favorite music, my favorite shoes, but never my favorite games. This is sad because since I was small nerd, I have played video games. I'm going to compile a list of my favorites of all time!

Starting with The Legend of Zelda

It was a great game that I spent countless hours playing as a little kid. This is the game that is in my original NES right now!

Next is Street Fighter II 

I like all of the games in this franchise, but if made to choose, I'm going to pick 2. I guess I just played it more than the others, but it's safe to say I've lost many hours to SF in general. 

Then we have... Mortal Kombat Deception 

The plot of Deception wasn't the greatest, I will admit, but I played the hell out of this game and loved it. Meh!

Then we have a trip into some scary shit with Silent Hill 2

Now for cheesy RPGs I loved Final Fantasy X. Yes I could say Final Fantasy VII was the greatest game ever! and then I would sounds just like everyone else. I liked X and unfortunately never finished it because some asshole stabbed my disc with a pen *super sad face* Note for those who are jealous of games...acting like a bitch doesn't make us want to spend time with you either. Just let us play and then you can get attention. ugh. That being said...ten is my favorite because it was sacrificed like so many others things over the years.

It is mandatory for me to pick a Shooting game, so I'm going to pick Halo 2. No real reason that I can explain why this is my fav Halo. I just like it, okay!

Finally (because I could go on for days) I will give you my all time favorite game. The game that I went without sleep for, without food, without water...the game that I would love to have now and never leave my sofa....Saga Frontier

Asellus was by far my favorite character to play in this game. I wish I still had this one as and learn I guess.

I hope this had made you all reminiscent of games gone by. Until next post...

Oh yeah Happy Dead Presidents Day! (wait..I think that's something entirely you know what I mean!