Friday, January 7, 2011

Heads music!!!

#1 this week on Billboard's Rock chart is The Black Keys "Tighten Up". I actually like this one, however commercial it may be. I've had it on my phone for a few weeks now, and listen to it at work. Not my usual style of music, but it has a certain flow and bluesy sound that I tend to gravitate towards. I probably will never download another song by this band...but I'll enjoy this one for now.

Onto a band that has a etched a permanent mark on me...My Chemical Romance. I know, I'm such an "emo" kid or whatever term you are affectionately calling fans of MCR these days. Honestly, there is very little these guys do that I don't love...even when I try not to like it at all! I give you...."Sing" Oh, and tell me Gerard Way doesn't have amazing vocal talent and I will straight up punch you in the face! :D

Now that I've given you my "rock" songs this week...let's change it up a bit. My pal Mister_Bones posted a video for Kanye West's "Monster" and I've not been able to stop watching it since. Instead of playing copy cat, you can take a trip to his blog and see the video here. This song is so packed with artists that I enjoy, it can't possibly be bad! Rick Ross, Jay-Z, and Nicki Manaj....just greatness. The video is what takes it to another level for me. As those of you that follow this blog know, I love horror and this delves into some things I'm sure they will never show on MTV.

So that's it for this installment of Heads up...New Music. Until next time!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Way Back Wednesday

I really didn't have to put much thought into this weeks WBW post. It's one of my all time favorite movies, partially because of my childhood obsession with all things Fred Savage (I love Kevin). Mostly it's because The Princess Bride is still one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. There are so many one-liners that I use daily from this film. While I've mentioned I'm not a huge "chick flick" fan, that is not to say that I don't like romance in general. The love story between Wesley and Buttercup is one of epic proportions for me. As a little girl, I wanted to grow up and find what they had, and to this day it is what I envision of "Twu Wuv" (I said I had one-liners, folks).

The characters in this are some of the best in any story. Everyone plays a part in what makes this awesome. Andre the Giant, Mandy Patinkin, Billy Crystal...they all support Carey Ewles and Robin Wright Penn so well. I can't choose a favorite scene, because they are all so stand out on their own.
I will note a couple that I tend to laugh the most about, however. Let us start with the battle of wits... I can't remember that actor's name, but I do know he has to be one of the most annoying people on the planet. Kinda glad he kicked it.

Next up is when Miracle Max revives Wesley. Crystal kills me here. Even as a child when not every joke was understood, he still had me rolling in the floor laughing. The make-up for this is done so well I was in my teens before I realized who Miracle Max actually was or what a Wench was...but I still laughed every time!
Of course, I must admit I love Mandy Patinkin's Inigo Montoya. I still quote this randomly from time to time. I feel I must post video of this...a photo wouldn't do it justice.

Still not my I have to post yet another. I could post pictures all day long and you wouldn't receive the full humor of this scene. Just so you know, I'm laughing as I post damn funny.

So now that you are well and truly laughing your asses off... If I were forced at gunpoint to choose just one scene to be a would be this one. Like every other girl, I love the "happily ever after"....

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks installment of Way Back Wednesday. I look forward to this one every week and hope you all do as well. Until next time I will leave you with this:

Anybody want a peanut?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Return of the Living Dead 3

This weeks movie is Return of the Living Dead 3. I don't know if it was because of Faderade, but I honestly couldn't pay attention to this one. I'm all for zombies, but this was not really a "zombie" flick in my opinion. Definitely not scary. Far from funny. What was this to offer??..time for the Vodka to kick in and make me oblivious to the fact that there was imagery on my television. So as the end credits roll, I will tell you what I know.

A kid and his chick break into a government facility where they discover the reanimation of corpses. They get busted having gratuitous sex. Some accident caused his girl to die, he brings her back at the above facility where his father works.

Some other stuff happens with some Latino peeps, chick bites one of em, they chase after her. I don't really know. I wanted this to be good (I paid for it after all) but it just wasn't. Maybe I'll try watching it again. Maybe I missed the good parts. Either way...not one of my favorites for sure!
Julie is a self-mutilating dead/alive something. I don't deny that some of the make up she wears is cool. Not to mention some of the effects throughout the movie are pretty sweet, but it doesn't redeem this one for me. There are some pretty awesome scenes for what they are...

This was probably my favorite thing in the movie! I would love to create this to sit on my sofa perpetually. (not a bad idea) and scare the living hell out of everyone.

Don't get me wrong, I know what this movie is supposed to be. It isn't far from hitting the mark, but it just wasn't there for me. It was slow and not very entertaining. Had it had a bit more humor, a bit more gore, or even a bit more talent, I may have liked it. Just fell short of what it should have been, in my opinion. If you have comments or suggestions, again, I ask that you post them below. Have you seen this one? What were you're opinions on this film?

Monday, January 3, 2011

Shirts Everywhere and me with nothing to wear!

So I've spent my morning meticulously attacking my closet and dresser, and I'm proud to say they are both almost empty. Honestly, I never wore anything that was contained in either. Mostly because none of it fit anymore. Somehow I managed to hold onto things that were three sizes too big or three sizes too small for years. Why don't I just keep clothes that fit? Maybe because I've fluctuated size so much in the last couple of years. Either way, I'm prepared for a shopping trip soon. I have the minimum amount of stuff I need to get by (because it all fits) and will no longer be harboring clothes big enough for Jabba. I guess this may explain why I've been quasi-clothes shopping online for the last 18 hours. Notice my previous post about awesome shoes...see I'm down with spending some $$ right about now. I'm going to add to the previous and share some of my newest finds that will soon be in my closet.
Uncouth but Hilarious!
Another favorite that I can't wait for...

Yes, I get that it's derogatory, but you still laughed, didn't you?? And I rather enjoy cooking so it works for me.

Ok, now think back everyone. Back to mid-90s and you were coming home from school...what did you watch on television?

Everyone Loves some Doug!
If you don't love suck!
Now I know I've blown your minds with the greatness above, but it all pales to me for this one. I remember when I got my first game system. I remember what the controller felt like in my hand, how my heart sped up when I pressed the power button for the first time and how in awe I felt when I owned everyone around me...those of you that can remember that far back and haven't stopped grabbing a controller since, this one's for you!
I guess I'll stop for now, This may or may not become a regular on my blog, there are too many to show in just one post. If you know any sites that sell great fucking tees let me know. My empty closet thanks you!

Omg Shoes!

Apparently OMG Shoes is going to become a regular post for me. I just stumbled upon a site that has gorgeous, hot shoes. Sinister Soles is my new best friend. It is loaded with amazing shoes of all kinds. From cute gothic flats to hooker thigh high boots! Best of all the prices are unbeatable. Always one for a sale, this girl! I've fallen in love...Not only do they have Zombie stompers at half the price I've mentioned in my blog previously, they have anything else you can imagine. For the few females that read my blog (or those of you guys who like wearing hot fucking shoes) this post is for you!!

Let's begin with Vampire Bat Buckle Mary Jane Pumps shall we?

These shoes are only $35 bucks. Now I just need an excuse to wear them...who am I kidding. Again I would sport these to fill the car with gas, pay my bills...anything!

Next up is a pair of boots I've had my eye on for some time. Sure they are a little out of my normal  scope, but they are beautiful!

Wow! they lace up! they are thigh boots, what more can you ask from something you wear on your feet?
And yes, Guys, they even have shoes for you! Not to mention apparel. If ever I need something to wear to a concert, this is where I will buy it! And at these prices, I can afford both shoes at once! No more Hot Topic overpriced bullshit. I can still be cheap and have hot shoes simultaneously. So I hope you've enjoyed this display of beautiful footwear. Check out the site and let me know what you think.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Heads music!!!

I've been posting WBW and other old shit for a while now. I guess it should be noted that I'm not so stuck in the past that I don't listen to new music. We all know we have our favorite old music...

I've been listening to quite a bit of new music lately actually. I've checked out some new bands, as well as some old bands with new releases. I'll give you some suggestions today.

First, let us begin with a band that I'd not heard of as of yet. Automatic Loveletter. The lead singer is a chick, who in my opinion is awesome! Yeah, yeah, "Angela likes another chick band!", but this one is pretty tight to say the least. Give a listen:

Automatic Loveletter- Heart Song

Now if that's not to your liking...lets go with a band you may already know. Bullet for my Valentine released a new album "Fever" in April of 2010. After checking it out, I've become obsessed with "Begging for Mercy". This song rips my face off. I know it's now January of 2011, and that puts me discussing this a little behind schedule, but hey I'm a busy woman! Just listen to the damn song!

Bullet for my Valentine- "Begging for Mercy"

I was going to leave you with this, because these are both great songs. However, I will add another "chick band" song for your ears. Picture me Broken is slowly becoming one of my favorite new artists. Layla "Brooklyn" Allman is yet another female vocalist that I want to emulate. I've always been impressed when anyone can go from pretty sing songy melodies to full on vocal chord ripping screams and back with little to no effort. She does just that in "Dearest (I'm so sorry)". All wrapped in a pretty blonde package. Doesn't seem that she should be making the sounds she is capable of....check it out.

Picture Me Broken- Dearest (I'm So Sorry)

Yes, the video is rather silly and childish. She's practically a baby, mind you. If the ridiculousness is too bad,  just don't watch!

I think I will leave you with this for now. Any suggestions are welcome, as I like expanding my musical knowledge in many directions. Hope you all had a great first day to a new year. I'm glad to say mine was actually really good...looking back, I can't remember a day in ages that was good throughout. Maybe this can be a trend or something.

Until I post something again....