Friday, April 16, 2010

My new reads

I spent Wednesday in Auburn under the guise of looking for computer stuff at Best Buy but found myself walking down the the evil chain bookstore. The sidewalk display of $1, $2 and $3 books was just too much to pass up....

There are always random books that catch my eye, I buy them, get them home, and HATE them. I am pleased to say, this is not the case after this trip. So back to my story....

Being the very frugal reader (or very cheap college student, you pick) I loved the idea of buying a ton of $1 books. At that price I can even splurge for over priced, over caffeinated coffee from the overly friendly barista named " Harmony". So I'm perusing the rack for some great book or books to add to the already too large collection currently being housed in large, unsightly storage containers.
To my amazement, I found a couple of really great ones that I actually read today. It's not a shock to those who know me that I'll start and finish a book in a day...these are not substantial books either, but with daily life, it's rare to me to find the time to finish two in a day. I found myself unable to put them down at all. The first book is One Hundred Young Americans by Michael Franzini. This is a beautiful interpretation of America's teens. At first glance I thought it just a book of wonderful photography with some minor details, but upon closer inspection, I found it detailed and observant view of our country's youth.

The next book I grabbed, was less insightful but no less entertaining. Lap Dancing for Mommy by Erika Lopez obviously caught my attention because of the name. I didn't really give it a good "look through" because it was $1. So what if it sucks...I spend $1 on crap everyday. It had a funny name. So I get home and finish One Hundred Young Americans and want to read something else and just grab for the book with the "stripper title". I couldn't stop reading this witty, emotionally bearing book about women, and their loves, envies, and lives! It's done in a graphic novel style, which appeals to me on so many "nerd" levels. Thanks to Daniel White and Mitch Reaves for instilling a love of all things "graphic novel" so that this awesome, cheap purchase made my collection. I'm not saying that either of these guys would read, enjoy, or even look at this particular graphic novel...just that their influence helped me appreciate the art that is the graphic novel!

ok ok...back to the book....

It has a certain raunchy humor that I enjoy, while touching on actual emotional issues. The "penis envy" jokes killed me...if you enjoy some occasional gutter humor, this is definitely something to pick up for a quick read.

I hope I haven't steered you wrong, I like's good enough for me. If these books aren't to your particular taste, I never said you had to like them, but if you have read them or have read other books by these authors, Please share in comments! Enjoy your Friday!