Monday, November 30, 2009

Soap Box

I have to start by saying it's been one Hell of a Thanksgiving!

I feel as though I've traveled more in a week than in the last year. After all of this traveling, I couldn't prepare myself for what was ahead of me...
This weekend created serious family drama. Not in my household but in another. I think I handled it admirably, but looking at others reactions continues to depress me. I want nothing more than to scream, yell and fight for what I believe in knowing all to well it will only cause more issues. I feel as though people turn other people's problems into their own for selfish reasons. I can't ever seem to voice these opinions, because as soon as the words escape my mouth it's an all out war. I give up being helpful and courteous, and have just become complacent. While I am trying to grasp this complacency I still want to scream from the rooftops..."grow up"!!! Not everything revolves around one person. This universe is so multifaceted and complex; I'll never comprehend how people are so egocentric to make themselves the center of it. I'm not saying I myself don't need/want attention sometimes, we all do, but in this situation, lets not make it about ourselves when the problems being faced have absolutely nothing to do with "us"!