Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bloggerstock: The Internet Ate My....

I am really excited to be participating in a great blog swap called Bloggerstock.  I will be posting for Toya. She is a southern girl at heart who was actually born in the north. Like so many of us, music is her sanity. She is the youngest of three girls (she considers herself spoiled, but I'm sure she exaggerates). I feel privileged to be posting for a fellow southerner who personifies what being a sweet southern girl is all about! Please stop by and take a moment to read her work here.  Everyone enjoy...

Bloggerstock: The Internet Ate My....
I used to be the girl that would hang out with friends all the time. I would pick up the phone and call my best friend and we would hang out at the mall or just drive around town. I used to call family members all the time to check on them, go to clubs/parties, and be the life of the party. Well, over the years I have slowly become an outcast to not only my family and friends but to the world. It's not something I intentionally did, but it just...
I used to blame me being a "homebody" because I was a graphic designer and it was my job to stay on the computer all day long and surf the internet. No breaks. Nope. Never had time for breaks because I could miss the next design trend. My friends would call to hang out and I would just brush them off. Family members stopped calling because I was "too busy" to talk. After a while, all calls stopped together.
I justified not calling anyone back or making any contact because " I am a hard working woman and I am trying to make it in the world as a graphic designer by starting my own company."
This is how I was up until a few months ago. I can't explain how I snapped out of it but all of a sudden it started from one phone call to two. Three. Four. I will have to admit that some phone calls were never answered nor returned because I had pushed them so far away from me that there was no possible way to return. This was my own fault.
So if you are reading this, don't let this happen to you. I have lost some great friends along the way because I was so focused on what the internet had to offer and I missed out.

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Thanks to everyone who participated. I look forward to reading everyone's posts, and can't wait to swap in May.