Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Responsibility for words and actions (too much to ask?)

I feel as though everyone and everything around me has decided to fall off of the responsibility wagon. My school has once again "lost" my paperwork, that I have faxed and emailed numerous times, so now right before the start of my third term, I am blocked from classes. I find this's no fault of my own and they block ME from classes. I think they should give tuition discounts for every time they mess up my stuff...ok you lost my paperwork ten times (minus $1000 tuition) maybe then they would be a bit more "on top" of things. Let's not forget that if they do not remove this "block" I will miss important stuff like seminar, assignments, and projects all because they messed up my stuff. Professors are generally not cool with someone being blocked, and I totally understand that. I'd deserve it if I didn't handle my business....but....Let's just see how long it takes them to fix the issue they messed up in the first place!

On to a different rant, I am no longer anyone's secretary. I will not do your stuff without monetary payment in full before I start. I keep getting told, "I just need some help with (insert stupid task), I'll do (insert some menial favor) when I get a chance...". I am getting used with no hope of ever getting the thanks I should be. If you want to be a user...find some other "nice guy" to exploit! I'm not that person anymore.

I'm starting to hate when other people can't admit wrongdoing , which is why the stupid school stuff is burning my buns in the first place. If you are over the age of 18, have decent social and personal skills, should you not have a good understand of what it is to do wrong? No adult should have to be told "Hey, that's not nice!" or "You should take care of your own problems"....meh some adults are rarely ever responsible, dependable, or have sound judgment. It's the mirage to everyone around them that they possess these "grown-up" skills. You learn them over many different situations. If someone is always bailing you learn nothing! I hope this has helped those who don't know whether or not you have passed the threshold into adulthood...for a few, I'm sure you are teetering on the doorway! Make a decision already. Come inside where you stand for yourself, by yourself, ...or stand out with the umbrella of people who do everything for you. BE A CHILD. I could care less, but I won't be the one to bail you out any longer....If you come to me for a favor, be sure you understand the repercussions of USING other people! First of these repercussions being: people don't like being used! Second, friends gladly help friends, but if over time only one friend is getting the help...someone is being used! Third, if someone helps you, don't complain about the help you are receiving. This seriously sucks. I hate when I do something out of the kindness of my heart (the way Momma taught me) and it doesn't measure up to the greatness of what some one else could do...if you don't like what I it yourself! I mean all of this with the most respect I can muster at this moment. Keep in mind these bits of info...quitting smoking is crap! I want jolly ranchers! and lastly Being sick sux! all of this comes down to me wanting to break stuff after holding in some really harmful trash over the last few months.

One last thing: If you feel the need to put my name into your mouth, it's a good idea to look around at who is listening.