Sunday, January 2, 2011

Heads music!!!

I've been posting WBW and other old shit for a while now. I guess it should be noted that I'm not so stuck in the past that I don't listen to new music. We all know we have our favorite old music...

I've been listening to quite a bit of new music lately actually. I've checked out some new bands, as well as some old bands with new releases. I'll give you some suggestions today.

First, let us begin with a band that I'd not heard of as of yet. Automatic Loveletter. The lead singer is a chick, who in my opinion is awesome! Yeah, yeah, "Angela likes another chick band!", but this one is pretty tight to say the least. Give a listen:

Automatic Loveletter- Heart Song

Now if that's not to your liking...lets go with a band you may already know. Bullet for my Valentine released a new album "Fever" in April of 2010. After checking it out, I've become obsessed with "Begging for Mercy". This song rips my face off. I know it's now January of 2011, and that puts me discussing this a little behind schedule, but hey I'm a busy woman! Just listen to the damn song!

Bullet for my Valentine- "Begging for Mercy"

I was going to leave you with this, because these are both great songs. However, I will add another "chick band" song for your ears. Picture me Broken is slowly becoming one of my favorite new artists. Layla "Brooklyn" Allman is yet another female vocalist that I want to emulate. I've always been impressed when anyone can go from pretty sing songy melodies to full on vocal chord ripping screams and back with little to no effort. She does just that in "Dearest (I'm so sorry)". All wrapped in a pretty blonde package. Doesn't seem that she should be making the sounds she is capable of....check it out.

Picture Me Broken- Dearest (I'm So Sorry)

Yes, the video is rather silly and childish. She's practically a baby, mind you. If the ridiculousness is too bad,  just don't watch!

I think I will leave you with this for now. Any suggestions are welcome, as I like expanding my musical knowledge in many directions. Hope you all had a great first day to a new year. I'm glad to say mine was actually really good...looking back, I can't remember a day in ages that was good throughout. Maybe this can be a trend or something.

Until I post something again....

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