Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Call to Wayne Cato

I was anxious and apprehensive to call a teacher, who has since retired and ask a few general questions. All of my worries subsided when after a brief explanation of who I was and what I wanted, he was thrilled to help with my “little project”.

When asked why he became a teacher, he simply said he always knew that he had to teach. He taught for thirty years at my own Alma Matter, Handley High School, taking a brief position teaching Western Civilization at the local community college, Southern Union State Community College. When I asked why he did not stay at the college level, he said that it became more impersonal and though financially more rewarding, nothing could replace the impact that high school students had on his life. He began by teaching 8th grade English, then moved on to 10th grade World History and finally settled with 11th grade American History where he stayed for the rest of his years. By the time I reached 11th grade he had long since retired. I was, however, lucky enough to have him substitute for three months my junior year. He relaxed all fears and made History, a class I am not overly fond, fun, exciting, and mysterious. I loved my time in class with him, and think of him often now as I go along my journey to what I want to do as well.

In conclusion, my telephone conversation with Mr. Cato left me speechless, when he decided to turn from the interviewee into the interviewer. He asked why I decided to change my major from business administration to education all of the sudden. I panicked! The only answer and entirely truthful reason was because I wanted to show others the joy learning can bring and that no other career in the world would bring me this fulfillment. His response brought tears to my eyes and he simply said, “Then honey, you are meant to do nothing else, but teach others and brighten their lives”. I could never ask for a better recommendation that what he gave me, and he even said for me to stay in contact so when I graduate he can write my letter of recommendation to the school personally. I feel thankful that I chose this course of action for this assignment and am extremely motivated to accomplish my goals now. (This is actually an assignment for my Composition class...thought it fitting for a blog post tho)

Monday, February 1, 2010

It's a new day, A new dawn....

Ok so what's wrong with me and Michael Buble? It fits, you'll see...

So this weekend has been dramatic to say the least. There are some changes that I'm not sure how to feel and implement them into what I already know. Daniel and I both agreed (through tears and kind words) that there wasn't anything left for us. It's painful, it's sad, but most of all it's a relief. I felt horrible that I wasn't "in" love with him anymore and tried and tried but couldn't fall back into that comfortable spot I had found years before. No, we don't have a clue where to go from here. It's agreed that we will be active parents in our children's lives and still be friends no matter what. After all that's what we were to begin with...best of friends. We'll see where this new road leads, but I am happy and content knowing I don't have something hanging over me any longer.