Wednesday, March 14, 2012

99 Problems- JayZ (2004)

It's not from WAY WAY back, but 2004 was a while ago. I woke up with this in my head. Thought I'd share. :D

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Child's Play (1988)

If any of you know my little sister Amanda, you are aware of her bright, red hair as a child. As it turns out, she was also insanely evil.
Torturing my doll

Cute? Yes, but will kill you. 

From the time she was born, I adored having a younger sibling. She unfortunately was put on this Earth to make my life a living hell from the ages of 5-18. She fought me at every possibly chance. Busted my lip four times during a two year span. I have countless scars from her tantrums and probably could have died on more than one occasion from her violent tendencies. 

One holiday when we were visiting our dad's, he let us watch Child's Play. (See where this is going?) Now, I must have been around 8, which would have made Amanda about 3 or so. It had gotten really late and we all went to bed for the night. A few hours later, I am startled back to reality from a nice, deep sleep to someone short grabbing my foot. All I can see is short, bright red hair...grabbing me. It's screaming at me and I'm screaming back. Chucky has gotten me and no one is coming to save me! This is it...I'm done for. 

Dad comes in and turns on the light to find Amanda and me fighting one another (me to get away, her to get affection). Both terrified of Chucky. I still think I win, because she looked just like him! 

Since we've both become adults, we get along fine. She's outgrown her temper, for the most part, and I don't take people's crap as much. All is good. 

Still can't watch this without looking at the foot of my bed and closing all closet doors. Stupid little dolls. Thank God I don't have little girl toys in my house or I may still freak out on occasion.