Friday, January 1, 2010


So I've been working at the new local bakery, and I love it. I'll say it helps to be around stuff I'd normally love to devourer all day, because I no longer have the same desire to consume everything in sight. It has to be the most fun I've ever had working...EVER! The hours are long and hard but I think I'm functioning even though I'm waking at 3:30 am and getting to bed after 9pm.

It is a strange sight to see me broken from slumber by 10 in the morning usually, but I deal. We have a great team and more than that we have a blast doing what just comes naturally. My "boss" is becoming a wonderful friend so boss is a harsh term for what actually defines Angela. I've learned so much in the last few weeks and can't wait to learn more and more as time progresses. Patience is a virtue and I don't mind helping build the business to have a long term position if it's offered, if that doesn't happen I've enjoyed every minute of my time at Homemade Delights. Everyone stop by and check us out!! We have Doughnuts hehe.