Saturday, February 12, 2011

Evil holiday Conspiracies

Yet again, it's time for another useless holiday. One where our capitalist economy gets a boost from all the "lovey dovey" bullshit. I think I hate this holiday more than any other. VDay or Valentine's Day to some of you, is nothing more than a mere excuse to spend an exorbitant amount of cash on impressing others of interest. I understand buying gifts for those who mean something in your life, but buying chocolate hearts and giant overstuffed pandas that serve no actual purpose is anything but romantic in my opinion. My biggest pet peeve in society is those who follow the flock and these useless holidays remind me how large the flock has grown. Don't buy your girl a box of chocolates and then expect her not to ask if her ass looks big, it's a vicious cycle that is consistently perpetuated when you buy crap! Instead, buy your significant other something of actual use. Some toilet paper perhaps...maybe groceries....or even a book. But the stupid meaninglessness that is the stuffed animal/candy/hearts combo, leave on the shelf.

Now sexy clothing I get. It's hot, provides a purpose, and everyone loves it. So buy your girl some sexy (under)pants and be happy. Just don't go over the top with pointless mushy stupidity. If you want to get romantic, choose a gift based on the actual interests of an individual not what the holiday itself has to offer. I'm not the best authority on this subject but I do possess girl parts and am pretty damn female, so you can trust me when I say your girl won't be pissed with a gift that you put personal thought into rather than a quick jaunt down the RED aisle at your local Supermarket.

mmm still warm

While on the subject of "red". It's still Women in Horror Month and Massive Blood Drive is still in effect, so if you haven't given a pint yet...please do so soon. I did and feel much better for it. Not that I have a super rare blood type (A pos is not a big deal) but someone may need it one day, maybe even myself lol. So go out and let the lovely people stick needles into your arm and slowly take from your selfish ass to give to others in need. 

Doing my part!
If you do find the time to donate blood. Be sure to let me know!!! Send pics even. We all want to see you BLEED!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

This year's Superbowl is not a big deal to me. Why you ask, I hate...loathe...despise both teams. It makes it hard to choose a side when I want them both to lose! That being said, I think if I had to choose (like forced at gunpoint to pick a shitty team) I'd choose the Steelers. Meh. I really really really hate Green Bay, so Steelers it is. I'm thinking I'm going to enjoy my day doing typical "woman chores" and be happy with that! So while I do laundry and slosh mop water, hope you all enjoy the STUPIDbowl.

Average "Cheeseheads". Notice the mullet! NICE!
Words cannot express how stupid this looks!
Yeah, I'm definitely going to pick the Steelers. How can anyone side with people who are so ridiculous? Well I know I definitely can't. Why couldn't the Bears have just won, then I'd be less moody today, or better yet the Falcons...Oh yeah, I know why...because that's what I want and I can't have what I want! Ok, I'll stop my bitching and get back in the kitchen now...