Thursday, December 2, 2010

Planning for Halloween

For years, I wanted to be an "evil Alice"...checked that one off the list this past Halloween. I started thinking about what I wanted to do next year and the only viable option is Dawn. "Why are you blogging about NEXT year's Halloween costume in December?" you ask...simple...motivation! Anyone who has ever seen Joseph Linsner's Cry for Dawn artwork, knows why I need surplus amounts of motivation. I will have to work out almost continuously to pull off this character. I know it's just a costume, but I want to do it right.

The character has to be one of the most beautiful women imagined in someone's mind. Everything about her is female...and she's badass! So, you see, the task I've set before myself is an extremely challenging one. The hair isn't a big deal, I will let mine grow. The body (not to mention boobs) is something that I may not be able to achieve...but I'm damn sure going to try. So with all of this being said, here is the first potential costume for Halloween 2011...may it live in infamy!

Ok, before my phone starts blowing up! There will definitely have to be fabric added to certain areas to allow for public display of my amazing costume abilities...but it's purple! and we all know......

I've also been thinking of the long white flowing dress, which leaves much more to the imagination and makes me a little less uncomfortable. Either way, I will be Dawn next year for Halloween. And maybe even DragonCon if I make it :D

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