Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Even more shopping....

I spent my day away from work putting my share of money back into the economy. Grabbed a couple of small things the boys asked for and even bought myself something. Now I know it's the season of giving, but generally we don't exchange gifts in my family. Once you reach're on your own. And it was the BATMOBILE... for like a dollar. I'm super happy to add it to the shelf. :D Just too bad I have to wait until Christmas to do it.

I also got one of my favorite movies, "The Last Unicorn". It may be "crap" ;) but it was my ultimate girly pleasure as a child. Every thing else I loved consisted of mud, Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Hot Wheels, Tonka...if it was not girly, I loved it. Aside from anything purple, or having anything to do with a unicorn. To this day, I still get goosebumps when I watch Legend. True some of them are caused by Tim Curry. I still can't explain my obsession with him throughout my entire life, it's just strange.

Back to above:

I spent what I deemed "unimportant money" and went to lunch, where I spent six bucks on food I barely touched! I don't mind having less of an appetite, but really hate that I spend money to eat and it goes to waste. I can just hear my Aunt Lane asking me about the "starving children in Ethiopia" to which my reply was always grabbing a box, filling with my leftovers, and telling her we should ship it overnight. I don't like wasting anything...Being so cheap has advantages, but also drawbacks of course! No one likes a penny pincher :P

So I have this crazy busy day that is supposed to be quiet and relaxing. Get to the school to pick up Sean and Cory and think all is well...I was wrong. I don't get a few miles before I hear a blood curdling scream! I immediately pull over to see what has happened...Cory is crying and chocolate milk has covered my backseat. I didn't know he had chocolate milk. Where did it come from? How does a child just conjure a carton of chocolate milk in the backseat? I immediately used the nearest thing (my jacket) to clean the mess and dry him off. Then raced to clean my trash heap some would call a car. This is not my first incident with chocolate milk. I have been surprised with curdled almost solid chocolate milk in my backseat cup holder over the summer. If you have ever smelled milk spoiled and forgotten in your car, you know exactly the nauseating torture I endured. I had to immediately clean up the spilled milk to avoid another scrubbing and shop vac session.

I love my children, they amaze me daily. But why does a small catastrophe hit every day? It's dinner time, then bath, then bed...then Mom gets quiet, hot bath, and vodka...all will be well.

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