Monday, January 25, 2010


I have become numb to the effects of drama up until this point...Being eternally optimistic has some limits, even for me. I want to say "Don't worry about the money, everything will work out", but as soon as the words escape my mouth the fear sets in. WHAT IF IT DOESN'T? I've done everything I could do to make sure my student loans are processed, as well as attempted to find ways to supplement these loans to ensure my tuition is paid. It seems that along with the financial stress of paying for college, I must now endure the stress of time constraints to keep my grades at the level I've previously set for myself. I have no intention of staying at home everyday to do homework...that's why this school appealed to me. I just have to re-evaluate my time and decide how best to work with my "other than school" schedule. I've been late for two assignments this week because I completely forgot about their earlier due date. Now I have to scramble to finish them and still work on new ones to bring my grades back up to said "level". It's my fault that I can't seem to work through my time and money issues...and now I must get to work on the solutions! So tomorrow is yet another trip to Montgomery to the Veteran's Affairs office. Those are fun! *rolls eyes* Maybe we can get another emergency check until Daniel's monthly payments start, but something has to give here. I don't understand how we can have done everything and still we have no money from/for school. I hate that I didn't use my scholarships when I had the chance, because now look at what I have to depend on...a useless system that doesn't want to help anyway!

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