Tuesday, January 26, 2010

humans of the female variety

I'm starting to remember why I don't have many "girl" friends. Females tend to talk of one another behind everyone's back and act as though it never happened. I miss the days when me and my gals could all pile up and watch a movie or just listen to music without the worries of who said what getting in the way of our friendship. When did it change to become what it is now? Are all adult women this way or just those I encounter? I've always seemed to make friends easily, but holding onto them is a different story. It's becoming apparent that this is the reason for all of my male friends now. The guys don't care who said what or who is pissed at whom...they're just guys. I'm blessed that my best friend lives with me and although he has to endure my rants, he still stands behind me for everything! I don't know a chick that is cool with me on the level that Daniel is unless it is Amanda or Alisha. They are blood and have no choice! Why are there so many women that pride themselves on pushing others into the dirt? I thought our bully on the playground days were over, but I guess I thought wrong!

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