Saturday, January 30, 2010


When it comes to making changes, I don't believe the thought is what, but real life altering decisions, nope! It takes time and loads of effort. The best things in life take the most effort. Making sure that you exceed (or at least meet) goals you set for yourself is not gonna happen while sitting on a sofa. Sometimes it's just making a simple phone call or driving a mile down the road, but kinetic energy may be necessary to get the ball rolling, so to speak.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no authority on the matter of grabbing life by the horns and making something out of nothing. However, I do come from that "old" school of thought that hard work reaps rewards. I also don't think that we should rely on others to become our motivation to do anything! A wise man *wink wink* informed me sometimes I just need to do what I have to do to make what I want a reality...and I'm proud to say, I'm doing that. As my goals become larger and my dreams shape into focus, I WILL meet them. With or without help, kind words, or a pat on the head. I don't need someone to stand before me and tell me what I should want, only those to help guide me along with advice and well meaning support. My life is not dictated by those who think they know, and most of my time on Earth has been shadowed by my desire to please everyone around me. I am finally at a point where I look at what I want, and care less what anyone else says about it. It's amazing to know that there actually are people that have a kind word to help me along...after years of shattered hopes.

My personality has grown from the little girl seeking approval to the young woman who doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks. I am going to make the best of what I am dealt and smile, while even in the dirt...dirt washes and I'll rise to be on day! So to those who give me support and help keep my "eyes on the prize", I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. As for those who have routinely condemned my decisions and choices, when I get there I bet my  view from the top is much, much nicer than yours!

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