Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Way Back Wednesday

So to follow up Terror Tuesday, I thought I should start a new Wednesday tradition. I will be posting old school music, movies, and whatever else my little heart desires. You will like it or not, but it will take ya back to a different place in time. This is my goal, should Way Back Wednesday be successful.

To kick the new tradition off with a bang, I'm going with a few surprising favorites of mine. Most people know I love Metal, but now you'll learn I have an affection for all things nasty!

I give you "Love in ya Mouth" - Kilo Ali...

Yes, I am fully aware now what this song is about, but as a kid, I had no clue. My unenlightened mind just knew every word...and I knew I loved it. The older I got the more I figured it out, and while I am fully aware of the graphic content, I still love it. Just give it a listen. It's straight porn in musical form.

Another one I had to post is LL Cool J- "Doin' it"

While this song was released when I was a bit older. I was still just as innocent and clueless about the subject matter of the song. As you listen, tell me this doesn't take you back to, something! Always a fan of things to shock the masses, this girl, so if you have any Way Back Wednesday suggestions that will no doubt escape my line of thought, please post them in the comments below.

So go grab your cassettes from wherever you've hidden them to look as though you're not living in the past, and remember the good old (nasty) days!


Toliver Edge said...

I don't know what you're talking could you NOT know what Love Ya In The Mouth is about, lol.

Good to see you like metal, up the irons!

Anonymous said...

I remember the LL Cool J one, but not the other. Wayback is right!

Unknown said...

Well when I was eleven, I didn't know what "Love in the Mouth" was about. By the time I got to high school I knew what the song meant, but not by personal practice. I was a prude.