Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

This has been one for the record books ladies and gentlemen. I might need a serious vacation after the past few days!
Let us begin with Friday, So I loaded up the boys and headed to Auburn. It was a slightly crazy idea, because I still had a couple of gifts for them left to purchase, but took them along anyway. I didn't find anything I was looking for. They both went nuts in the mall (while on the subject of the mall, don't go there with two small boys a week from Xmas. It may be Suicide!!!!)  After I calmed them from the excitement we went over to hang out with Bones and fam. Now I was aware that he has a general understanding of my interests...but I got the coolest freaking present in the history of awesome Xmas gifts! I don't think anyone has gotten it so dead on before. Not to mention the fact that it was created for me :D Take a gander at this here piece of artistic perfection....
 I wish I could get a better pic of this! The detail is amazing. And to think I've known this guy all these years with no clue of this talent! Makes my bath mat gift seem like chopped liver in comparison.

Saturday I worked, like most Saturdays...I always work. Love my life in RETAIL HELL!

So let's just skip to Sunday. I had planned to take the boys to meet up with my sisters and shop, but that didn't happen. So Amanda, Alisha and myself were going to meet in Auburn at some point. I get called out to my car and learn that they had gotten into a fight on the way. Not an argument, but an actual fight! We're not talking kids here, folks. Twenty-two and Eighteen! Alisha was covered in mud and disgusting. Once this was remedied, we shopped for a bit and decided to eat Applebee's. For the record, I am the official mayor of Applebee's in Auburn, Alabama. The bartenders know me by name and have my Grateful Dead waiting. This is a fact that I'm not too proud of, but discounted alcohol is always great! So we order our drinks and stuff... I keep ordering my usual amount and failed to realize that the bartender is making them progressively stronger. I think by drink four, he was putting 8 shots into my glass. Anyway, I became somewhat obnoxious and embarrassing, and no one wants to do that. Made a fool of myself countless times and wished I could crawl under a rock this morning. Not entirely sure if I said anything I wouldn't want to have said...guess I'll find out sooner or later.

So that just about wraps up my weekend in all its crazy glory. If you or someone you know was offended by my words or actions in my drunken stupor, I am so very, very sorry. That being said, I remember what's important anyway. Thanks, Girls, for some much needed Sister time and thanks to my Knight for coming to my rescue! On to Xmas this weekend. I hope I get what I want in my stocking and I hope all of you do as well.

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Drake Sigar said...

Great picture of American McGee’s Alice video game, have to see if I can find that sometime. It had a very original style.