Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lobo...the movie??

I've been hearing things about a possible Lobo live action movie that was going to be directed by Guy Ritchie. So he's not doing it..he is doing it. Whatever! I'm not really on board with this idea. Now, a movie about this character would definitely kick ass, however, I don't think he is the director to take this one from page to screen. This has been in the media for a couple of years now and still nothing, which is probably for the best!

Guy Ritchie decided not to do the Lobo film and instead did Sherlock Holmes (didn't see it) I usually like Ritchie's films but lack the time to see something that I'm not "dying to see". Unfortunately he hasn't made anything of that caliber for me in a while.

So the script for Lobo has been written by Alan Grant (Lobo writer) and Skip Woods (Hitman) and should be ready to take to the next step. With Jeffrey Dean Morgan to play Lobo, now just awaiting a director that won't fuck it up! Speaking of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I love this guy. He did wonderfully in The Losers and was redeeming in The Watchmen. I may be biased about The Watchmen movie, because it was one of the first comics I fell in love with, but the movie's talent was more than lacking in my opinion. I could have done a better job (and I'm definitely not an actor, but I do read!!) Alan Moore amazed me with that book! And I love him for it. The movie just didn't encompass what I felt it should have, and I fear the same may happen with Lobo or any other comic to film adaptation made from here on out. Comic fans aren't the "masses" and the movies created from comic storylines are geared for the "masses" to make money. I understand that. It's business...but I don't have to like it. The Losers was a great movie, on the other hand. But it isn't as difficult a transition from page to screen as some of the other comics rumored to be movies in the making lately. So even with Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the potential Lobo, I fear this will be pure douchebaggery and I will hate it. Prove me wrong and I'll give ya a cookie...or something!?!

Did I mention my love for Alan Moore, he is amazing. I'm going to stop dreaming of literary Gods and watch the remake of The Wolfman with my boys. Hopefully it's as awesome as the original was years ago. So until next time...Keep it real, yo!


Max Evel said...

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, I can see it.
Lobo is a cool character.

Copyboy said...

Love lobo!!! I feel like the world won't be complete unless I see one!! And the Maxx!!!!