Thursday, February 17, 2011

A little Drunken History

We all know that person who gets too drunk and talks dumb shit. In most situations that person is usually least it's entertainment (for the most part) Just dont kick people, lose your pants or roll down hills into mud and all is well! I swear I'm going to start asking drunk people questions and recording their answers in High Def! This might be funny stuff!
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Drunketh said...

I'm a bit confused at what in fact I am watching here... but it's very well done.

Total Non-Sequitur said...

You'd better be prepared to do a lot of editing. Drunk people have a tendancy to get a bit rambly.
Speaking of long winded, you should check out our show by clicking on the blog. Plenty of drunken shanigans described, as well as a few happening as we speak.