Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lights, Camera...Action

Few of you know that I secretly dream of doing voice over work. This is a problem because I don't have a particularly distinctive voice, I can't do accents, nor do I have any real acting talent. But I do, however, have this strange desire to have my voice immortalized in a video game, cartoon, or as a chick in a Twiztid song. I know it's a strange ambition, but it's been mine for a while.

I've actually been given the opportunity on numerous occasions to speak live on air for a radio station. While stationed in Keflavik, Iceland, I was in front of a mic at the on base studio many times and just sat there without making a sound. Having friends who were Journalists in the Navy led to many great times and lots of great conversations, but didn't push me to realize my dream. So now, all these years later, I still haven't made any progress and I feel like the clock is ticking! I know that 27 isn't necessarily "over the hill" but I'm not getting younger. I'm slowly devising a plan to make this a reality.

Over a decade ago, some friends and I started writing a screenplay. I have none of the work, but remember the general idea. In the next year I would like to finish this and start working on my very own horror movie. I know there are plenty of people who do this every day, and most with more talent than I will ever posses, but I still am going to do it! So the goal is this, I make my own movie, I can cast whomever I choose to be in it, and there is my voice immortalized! Even if it's just my screams being heard while being chased by a psychopath with some random weapon! I won't mind being killed in the first scene. Just to know that I've accomplished this finally will be enough for me.  I don't really want to act as a profession, but I figure this kills two birds with one stone. And I will have made a movie! Who doesn't want to do that. (And not the kind where you set up a tripod at the end of the bed)....

I guess it helps that I've made friends with some people in the "business". Knowing a few professional actors, special effects artists, and amazing writers is a definite win for my current situation. Now I only need to gather all of these talented people together to work with me and create something amazing! I'm sure this will be a long and stressful process, but I'm going to relish in it all the same. So if you would like to be a part of helping me make this happen, let me know. I can use all the help I can get!

I have some favorite movies that I hope to gather much insight from in the next few months. I want something gory, disgusting, and downright scary. Old school special effects, lots of fake blood and terror that has you carrying a knife to bed with you. It's asking quite a bit of my brain to create something of this magnitude, but what the hell? I like being terrified. Maybe I can share my love for all that is scary with the world!

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