Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Way Back Wednesday

Welcome back to another flashback awesome enough to rip off your face! Yeah I am definitely feeling this one today! Let us begin by remembering why Slayer is so fucking badass!!! Why, oh, why Can't I play an instrument like this!!!???!!! While I'm thinking of it, I am fully aware the title is incorrect for this song. I didn't make the video...just janked it!  So please no comments trying to make yourself feel smarter than you really are! Just enjoy and STFU!

Ok, now that you are probably jumping around your homes, breaking things, and punching one another in the face, I am finally happy MUHAHAHA. So until next time when I post some other old school goodies....seriously any suggestions are welcome. I like remembering how fucked my childhood was, who doesn't? So please post your thoughts, ideas, and future Way Back Wednesday requests in the comments. Not just music, but anything from back in the day that has significance to you.

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