Monday, December 6, 2010

"Those" girls

So this post is inspired by one of the greatest bloggers ever! Kris, I owe you for this rant. Check out her blog here. Ok, now...onto my rant!

I have many "male" friends. It's true most of my pals are dudes. I am not the most girly of girls and have so much more in common with me male species. Anyone who frequents this blog knows exactly that and I assure you, most of you are guys. 

Yes folks, Alyssa Milano. Sam!!! NO!!!
Why is it that you have the girls you want to be with, "good girls" and the girls you swoon for (we will call them...) "less than good girls"? I know there is a difference and have been told on numerous occasions that there are girls you fuck and girls you marry...and that I was a girl you marry. While I definitely don't mind being considered in the latter, I want to know why the "girls you fuck" are so appealing. They only hurt you or use you in some way and yet you keep going after the same kind of chicks. hmmm I'm speaking of the ones who flaunt around in underwear or less with too much make up and fake hair. I'm not dissing underwear, make up or extensions, just that when combined to create a certain look, the only thing I see is "cheap". Why can't guys see this? Do they not have radar for that kind of thing?

I'm no angel and have fake hair laying around, I tan on occasion, and have a closet full of clothes that could be made to look like the "not so good girls" wardrobe, but I generally can be found in jeans, a graphic tee, and sneakers. The girls I get along with don't wear barely there dresses, have noticeably horrible extensions in their hair, and hideous orange skin tones! WHY IS THIS SO ATTRACTIVE?

Jersey Shore Girls
When did looking like a streetwalking oompaloompa become so popular. I remember years ago when girls wore too much make up...we made fun of them then tried to "fix" their mistakes (mean then nice...see how it works) Now it's everywhere, and there is no fixing this shit. Yes, I blame MTV and their popular "Jersey Shore" ideas as of late. I never knew that having sex with random guys while looking so awful would become what young women strived for in life. Have enough self esteem to put on some clothes, and lay off the spray tan.

Maybe being southern and from a very old school family makes me a bit biased. Maybe if I lived in a place on the north east coast of the US I wouldn't think twice about this, but I don't live anywhere but here...and it's here too now. I work in a mall therefore most of my peers are in their very early twenties. As I'm approaching 3-0, I think about life a bit differently. Most of the girls are normal, beautiful, sweet college kids, but there are a few who work very near me that sport this look. One of which we have affectionately named "Snookie". I live with no cable and haven't seen the show, but from what I gather in other forms of media...this chick in the mall is just like her. She wears uggs and short shorts, has dyed black hair, too much eye make up (black on black ugh) and is seriously ORANGE! I want to do the right thing and take her to the bathroom with some make up remover and a loofa. Why, do you want to do this to yourself?

Glasses and a Batman tee...yup yup
Aside from looking like an idiot, if that weren't enough, why are you slutty too? Do these things just coincide? I hope the guys that read this realize what kind of women are out there, and are choosing who they approach with caution. Yes, you can nail the "not so good girls" much easier, but those of us who are "good girls" are worth the wait and won't treat you like shit! So for myself, Kris, and all other Good girls out there...Guys stop playing into this stupidity! If you stop giving attention for the wrong reasons, maybe these women (said loosely and no pun intended there) will stop trying to get it using their bodies and start working on what really matters. If you are one of those "easy" girls, I'm sorry if I offended you, but damn! Grow up! Life isn't about the new push up bra, or mini skirt. It's not about the Mystic Tan and 24" hair extensions, life is about making the most of what we are given...try that instead! You are given a mind and it's clear to me it's underutilized. There is much more to being "sexy" than how few articles of clothing you wear and how tan (orange) your skin can become. I'm proud to be intelligent and don't hesitate to use that to my benefit. Maybe relying on how much attention you get for being easy isn't the greatest way to feel good about yourself.

I'm not saying to be prudent. Every human has a sexual need. I am saying to be more selective. Don't just be a SLUT! There is a time,a place and a person to let go with...find that first, then the rest will work itself out!


Kris said...

Yes! This is spot on.
" I want to know why the "girls you fuck" are so appealing.". Couldn't have said it better myself. Err, didn't say it better myself. I'm so glad you're letting my know that you know exactly what I mean :).

Mister Bones said...

I like the "glasses and a Batman tee" girl.

Anonymous said...

I heard they renamed gonorrhea to "snooki"

Drake Sigar said...

I'd rather nail a hot geek than a bleeched-teeth dyed-blonde over-tanned anorexic patient anyday.