Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm not special?

I recently stumbled across a blog that really hit home...Her name is Jen Kim and her blog is on Psychology Today. This blog was enlightening to me! I look at other people my age and see a pattern. Our parents, the media and educators all made us feel special...or one of a kind. In truth we are so spoiled to believe that when we get into the workforce, our potential employer can't live without us...this is not true. There are millions of twenty-somethings just like me who want to do just want I want, and I'm made to believe that I'll win out amongst all of them. It's great to teach your children that they have skills that are special, but that they still must work hard. Where is the work ethic of the generations before us? We weren't made to work as hard. We have been given everything without the struggle our parents and our parent's parents endured. Jen touches on the technological advances in today's society and how it has made us more self-centered. We, as a group, depend on instant gratification. Try living without social networking for a week...I can't. Does this mean we are bad? I believe it doesn't, but that we must be capable of remaining grounded to the "IRL" part of life. Having many online friends and spending the majority of my free time, either blogging or working on homework (all online) I find that it's much easier to communicate this way. But like many of my peers, I'm finding a pattern in my life that negates anything outside of my office. I guess my goal with this post is mostly introspective (like most other posts I've made). I need to take some time to re-evaluate my goals and find out what is important, but not to forget that the hard work is a necessary evil to accomplish these goals.

I hope that you all read Jen's blog, and in doing so, it opens your eyes as it did mine. But let's not take all the blame...blame Sesame Street, they caused my self-righteous complex!

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