Friday, February 25, 2011

Shocking Stripper stuff

Now that I have your attention...this post really is about strippers. I will admit that I rolled my eyes the first time someone suggested I watch this video; however, after the first few minutes I was in awe! These women train their bodies to do things that are astounding. So before you judge based on an exotic dancer in platform high heels, think of the athleticism that's required to pull off these moves. It's pretty badass! So this was my reasoning for wanting a pole about six months ago. I still don't have one and my body is no where close to what it's going to take for me to hold my own body weight...but a girl can dream.

I don't want anyone to ever see me try any of this, but I think it would be an amazing way to get into shape. There are even some tutorial videos online about different technical moves that are extremely far too advanced for anyone like me, but one day, I hope to at least try!


Anonymous said...

Need a bit of advice here.. I met a girl who works part-time as a dancer at a strip club and I think she's not only gorgeous, but funny and you think it's possible to have a relationship with a hot stripper, or should I get my head examined?

Kris said...

Haha. That ^ amuses me. Good luck, Sam. :P

On to what I was going to comment...

I started the video thinking, "Psh, quite certain it's all stuff I could learn to do without too much effort."

About five seconds in I realized there's no way in hell.

Angel1649 said...

I'm telling ya, I thought the same thing, Kris!

Sam, I don't really like stereotyping but be aware there may be some attention issues. She's used to getting loads of it from many different guys. You have to ask yourself if that's ok with you. If you can deal with the fact that many different men appreciate her abilities then I say go for it.