Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crybaby (1989)

Yet another WBW and I know this one will receive mixed reviews. I happen to love John Waters' films. Cecil B. Demented was great...Pink Flamingos was disturbing...and Hairspray was decent in it's own mainstream way. But Crybaby is by far, the best for me! Of course I love Johnny Depp. Find one person who doesn't think he's attractive and I'll call 'em a liar. He is especially attractive as a motorcycle riding, rock n rolling, badass!

Crybaby is great for the campy humor that John Waters is known for. I still sing along with the movie's songs and secretly wish I could be more "vampy" after watching it. One of these days I'm going to buy a low cut shirt, some tight pants, and red lipstick to wear with my hooker heels! Any movie where a woman is called "hatchet face" has to be good, right?

I'm really glad I found this one in the $5 bin tonight. I've wanted it for a while! I can't say it's worth a buy for everyone, but definitely a watch at least. If nothing else you'll get a laugh at Hatchet Face!

Oh and for you guys...Traci Lords herself is in this one. Yes, that Traci Lords! Not to mention, Iggy Pop!

Like it or hate it...It's this week's WBW! And posting this has made me the happiest (pseudo) juvenile delinquent in Alabama!


Max Evel said...

I really like this movie when it came out .
It was really different.

Drunketh said...

Amy Locane really needs to make some more movies, I used to love that chick (still do). School Ties, Airheads and This.

Angel1649 said...

AIRHEADS!!! I was trying to remember the other movie I knew her from!! Thanks :D