Tuesday, February 1, 2011

American Psycho (2000)

This weeks Terror Tuesday is one of the best movies ever! American Psycho is based on a novel by Bret Easton Ellis (One really messed up dude!) A few of his other novels have been adapted into films but none with the success of American Psycho. Less than Zero is another great book/movie. Definitely check it out sometime.
 Now back to the masterpiece that is American Psycho....Set in the 80s, which you all know I adore, it takes a new view on the decade from the Wall Street, yuppie life. This is the film that started my obsession with all things Christian Bale. The opening monologue is simply brilliant. It sets the tone for everything else, the selfishness, the envy, the shallow thoughts of a man... He has a few throughout the movie that are hilarious. The narration is smart and witty, while still being creepy and strange which makes this such a great movie. He is a horrible guy in so many ways but is terrifying and funny simultaneously. More than anything, the ending still screws with my head. If I'm ever really stressed, I watch this and think...at least I'm not as psycho as Patrick! Did I mention I love all things Christian Bale! Yes, he is a hot Welshman. He has an amazing ass (which you see a few times in this movie). He is BATMAN! More than anything else, he is usually a great actor. I have seen some of his work that may have been lacking in some way or another, but this one movie more than makes up for those.

It's hip to be square!

Narcissism at its best

I have the need to listen to Phil Collins and paint the room red, and I've got to return some video tapes now. Until you drop by again...

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Shelby Fox said...

Classic. I always see the pictures from this movie on the internet with silly captions.