Friday, December 31, 2010

New Reads

So I almost missed New comic day due to that troublesome job as mentioned in my post yesterday! Wednesday I looked forward to leaving work a bit early and heading down to the comic shop for the new Batman: Detective comic and whatever else I could grab. I know that for some people this is just spending money frivolously on something that I don't need, but I see it as a reward for not smoking in over two weeks. That was a $5 a day habit so if I spend $15 a week on comics or other things I want, I think it's a fair (not to mention smart) trade. Ok, so back to the story...

During a slow work day, I was looking forward to getting off early for the trip across town. To my surprise, the comic I wanted sold out in under two hours. There was no way I was going to get it and I got seriously pissed. I don't want much usually, but I really wanted this! It's bad enough I'm going to lose most of the books I have now, but to not get new ones, especially when they are as highly recommended as #871/#872, UGH!

As usual, I ended up waiting on my Mom to bring the boys. I know where I get my punctuality problems. That woman is perpetually late for everything!!! So not only did I miss out on the issues I wanted, but I don't even get to make it over to the shop to check out anything else. I work almost constantly and the shop doesn't open early enough for me to go in before work. Good news for those of you who feel sorry for me because I don't get the new Batman....the Dark Knight himself came to my rescue yet again and hooked it up! I have to agree with everyone I've talked to about these...the art is flawless, and the writing is amazing! I'm looking forward to continuing this from now on!!! At least this is an addiction that won't kill me in 30 years....for now I'm one happy nerd girl!

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