Sunday, November 22, 2009


I want Culture! I'm sick of living in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a laptop and dvd collection. Not that I don't love both of these things, it's just not cohesive to my goal of widening my horizons.

I bought my husband some canvases, with which he's done absolutely nothing and I feel like I wasted money that is too precious at this moment. Why do I try if it gets us nowhere? I thought it best for each of us to have an outlet and neither of us utilize them. It's a waste. I guess it could be said that we have high ambitions that we just disregard for pipe dreams. I will no longer be satisfied by sitting on the sofa watching "Justice League" and feeling myself get fatter...and on that note...

I'm sick of being overweight. I know EVERYONE says this, but I've spent the majority of my adult life hating the way I look and feel. I make efforts to change this but always fall short of the goals I've set for myself. I need some ideas on something I'll stick to when it comes to working out. In our house, we eat pretty well normally. I just have become almost sedentary and do little to nothing to burn a calorie, unless it's breathing.

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Slava Rybalka said...

Hi Angela

Thank you for your sincere post.

I would like to help you and support you.
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We'll try to figure out your life goals and inspire you with some motivation.

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Contact me and maybe we'll find a way out for your situation.

You might also be interested in my buddy's blog about going green tips. I'm following yours from now on. Have a look at Fred's blog when you have free time. =)