Monday, April 16, 2012

Good Stuff

Out and About in Columbus

This past Friday the 13th marked my second with Jason. Things are going pretty well and as far as I can tell, show no signs of slowing down. I haven't posted on matters of the heart in a bit, so I guess it's time.

This time I will not be ranting on how the male human is horrible, nor will I be going on and on about how no one understands "me". This is specifically to remind Jason that he is appreciated and how happy he has made me. I know girly, shut up. 

So This last Friday, which was once again Friday the 13th, I was hanging out with Jason at what will be my house in a few weeks. We decided food was in order and made the usual trip to the store. Driving into the parking lot we saw a sign that said "Free Puppies" so we stopped to take a look. I've been looking for an Australian Sheppard mix for a while now, but couldn't see spending tons of money on a dog so I've all but given up hope. Until they said these were indeed part Australian Sheppard. Being a girl, I immediately looked at Jason with questioning eyes, to which he just said a simple... "yes". So we did our shopping and bought stuff for our new puppy. I was ecstatic as was his daughter, Laci.

Yes, we both notice that big things happen on Friday the 13th and his name is Jason. His notification tone on my phone has always been the chchchhahaha sound from the movies. I guess it's "Our" thing/day whatever. Weird are we.

Harley 2.0

I am extremely lucky to have such a great boyfriend. Thank you, Jason...for everything. You simply amaze me...and junk. 

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