Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday

This year's Superbowl is not a big deal to me. Why you ask, I hate...loathe...despise both teams. It makes it hard to choose a side when I want them both to lose! That being said, I think if I had to choose (like forced at gunpoint to pick a shitty team) I'd choose the Steelers. Meh. I really really really hate Green Bay, so Steelers it is. I'm thinking I'm going to enjoy my day doing typical "woman chores" and be happy with that! So while I do laundry and slosh mop water, hope you all enjoy the STUPIDbowl.

Average "Cheeseheads". Notice the mullet! NICE!
Words cannot express how stupid this looks!
Yeah, I'm definitely going to pick the Steelers. How can anyone side with people who are so ridiculous? Well I know I definitely can't. Why couldn't the Bears have just won, then I'd be less moody today, or better yet the Falcons...Oh yeah, I know why...because that's what I want and I can't have what I want! Ok, I'll stop my bitching and get back in the kitchen now...

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