Thursday, July 14, 2011

Working for tha Weekend

This weekend, I will be getting a much needed break from the monotony of work, responsibility, drama, and stress to enjoy a trip to Atlanta with some of my favorite people. To get me ready for this event I'll be listening to alot of great music. Just want to share what's been on repeat in my "driving" playlist lately. Don't knock it till you try it...driving to Pendulum! (Or in my current state, posting to my blog while listening to Pendulum. Either way)

Pendulum- "The Other Side"

Make sure you listen in 1080! Don't crap it out in 380!


D4 said...

At first I thought driving to Pendulum would 'surely' cause an accident. This was tamer than I expected though. I was almost all "WHA?!" hehe.

Jeremiah Sorbera said...

The immersion album is one I frequent alot. At the. .40 mark I get all goosebumpy and wanna run around.