Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kill, Kill, Kill!!!

Okay, so for the last few days I've done little more than play xbox, work and spend time with my boys, but they had to sleep sometime. As soon as they were down for the count...I'd start playing. I can't seem to stop killing zombies in Left 4 Dead. There is something so relaxing about the perfect headshot that I can't pull away. Halo Reach gets here today and I'm far less skilled at killing anything in it. I can kill zombies all day but put me against a friend of mine a city away and I freeze. I guess we'll see if I can't get over my shit. If not there's always Singularity and Assassins Creed II. What the hell, I may even play Fable III....only time will tell.

Better than Xanex


Drake Sigar said...

<3 Left 4 Dead.

Fable 3 blows though.

D4 said...

I wanna play Left 4 Dead... Gimme..p

rinns said...

Oh god I got so addicted to l4d in 2009. It was ridiculous.

Angel1649 said...

I am behind the time. Trying to play catch up after not gaming for years.