Friday, March 18, 2011

I got Pucked!

I went to my first ever Hockey game on St. Patrick's Day 2011. This also happened to me my first pro sporting event ever! It was one of the greatest "firsts" in my life! I was nervous and excited and couldn't get settled. Finally it was time to leave work yesterday and I raced to meet up with Bones to make our way to Atlanta. I would like to note, that hockey is new to me. I've always loved sports (real sports please) and hockey just captured my attention for when there is no football. Makes sense...buncha men hitting one another, only on ice with sticks. I quickly became a huge fan!!!

Waiting on the train which was yet another first


 It's was  HOCKEY, so of course there was a fight. Which adds to why this has become my second favorite sport of all time. I've loved football for 27 years, but there is nothing like the "being incapable of sitting still and almost falling out of your seat" entertainment that is Hockey! Which apparently is pronounced "Hock-eh" for those of you unleared folks. I can't wait to go again. Win or lose, and in the case of last night, my Flyers lost, it is the most exciting game I've ever been to see.

Now for a tidbit of the game.

Yeah I've decided to order a Briere jersey after last night. He scored, tossed me a puck, and is cute so I'm thinking number 48 is full of win! Part of me wants to go back and never leave. I hate to admit, but you've created a monster. I blame you...

my puck from Briere


Supergreensunbear said...

Totally Awesome! Overtime and a shootout too, shame they didn't win for you but a point is a point :)

Drake Sigar said...

I totally thought 'pucked' was some kind of sexual move.

Zombie said...

Drake Sigar made me laugh! :D

Angel1649 said...

hehe me too. That was kind of the point in my play on words. Figured even those who no nothing of Hockey would click the linky. ;)