Monday, April 5, 2010

The difference between want and need

After waking this morning, I could probably eat an entire animal  (or at least a whole pizza). After thinking "MMM pizza" I see an ad for Mellow Mushroom, and my craving has turned into a painful yearning desire for damn pizza at 9 am. So now I'm starving and I deal with it...check my facebook and someone is complaining about a diet. Oh yeah, now I remember why I don't get pizza... I have to seriously watch what I eat and pizza's not good.

but what if I just eat a veggie one?? and just a little slice...ugh

ok so I'm going to get a salad. I would like to say officially, Summer sucks for all the reasons I can't eat what I want, and have to settle for what I need. So I'm going to listen to The Stones and cry over Mellow Mushroom. BLAH!

1 comment:

Jennifer Dean said...

That pizza looks so dang good!!